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Get your daily dose of CBD

Made in USA

From Organic Colorado Hemp.

Natural Ingredients

All of our products made from natural ingredients ONLY!

Pure CBD

Lab tested Organic Hemp CBD Isolate. THC FREE.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) Derived from the stalk and seed of cannabis (hemp) plant, cannabidiol (CBD) oil or CBD hemp oil is a natural botanical concentrate that is high in the compound CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychotropic and therefore doesn’t cause a euphoric high. is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp, a plant with a rich history as a medicine 

Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world.

How does CBD Work

CBD  interact with our bodies in a variety of ways. One of the main ways they impact us is by mimicking and augmenting the effects of the compounds in our bodies called “endogenous cannabinoids”.  – so named because of their similarity to the compounds found in the cannabis plant. 

The fact that CBD is therapeutically potent as well as non-intoxicating, and easy to take as a CBD oil, makes it an appealing treatment option. 99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Crystalline) from Hemp.

*CBD is a molecule, not a miracle. Many people could benefit significantly from legal access to a wide range of cannabis remedies.

Organic Hemp

Natural way to heal yourself 

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate Special formula at your fingertips.


0% – Zero THC

What Customers Are Saying

“Being working with TwoRingsCBD for over a year now and by far the best customer service I’ve gotten, real professional you guys have. Thumbs up!”


 “Yo! It’s Kelly, I’m proud having my feedback posted, thanks guys. I can always rely on TwoRings, the CBD Capsules are tremendous, they keep my cramps away its my monthly saviors.” 

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