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CBD Topical Cream


Made in USA
Natural ingredients only
Zero % THC
Fast shipping
30 – day money back – when returned unopened.

  • 1000mg
  • 2000mg


CBD Topical Cream comes in standard 120ml (4oz) UV protected jar. Available CBD potency 1000mg, and 2000mg to choose from. 

Natural Ingredients:

  • Rosehip Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Mango Butter
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Chia Seed Oil
  • Watercress Oil
  • Cherry Kernel Oil
  • Hemp CBD activated Isolate 99.6%,

When to use CBD Topical Cream

CBD topical cream’s transdermal ability or, in other words, the ability to penetrate the skin and bring the CBD molecule closer to the site of inflammation. 

CBD infused topical cream’s main purpose is to help activate the body’s natural process of the skin. As mentioned above are good reason for someone to start using CBD topical cream. Also, if someone would like to see fast skin healing results then start using cbd topical cream. 

Recommended Usage

CBD topical cream may be applied as regular cream during the day or when CBD activation on the skin is needed. Average use is to apply cream over clean and dry areas of the skin. Do not need to blast out with the cream, just apply even amount over a desirable area and let it stay for few minutes.

Due to the high absorption cream will dry very fast without leaving any oil marks on the skin.  

  Please note, when applying topical cream over the wound there may be some staining, because of CBD’s antibacterial effects. Normally apply topical cream after the shower or after treating area has been cleaned. Do not wash off the area after the application of the cream, this may cause CBD not to activate the skin’s healing process. Do not apply any other topicals with or on top of the CBD cream because our cream is made from natural ingredients only and you don’t want any chemicals inside your skin.

Desired effects:

Our dermatologist specialists designed the CBD infused topical product as one unique compound with natural remedies such as mango raw butter. The main purpose of these remedies is to activate the natural healing abilities on the skin surface as well as inside.

The moisturising effect will prevent the skin from dryness and rejuvenate moisture. The CBD components will then create a anti-inflammatory effect by interacting with receptors desirable for normal skin status. 

Everyone might have different issues with skin and so the application of CBD Topical Cream would have different cbd concentration. We have two CBD concentrations which are 1000mg and 2000mg, these concentrations have proven for us to work the best when dealing with skin. In some cases the results of better skin condition would be almost instantaneous. In other more severe cases the application of CBD cream will need to be applied over some period of time until better. Don’t hesitate to try out our topicals for yourself for healthy and happier skin.


Not like CBD oils for internal use CBD topical cream develops tolerance in applicators. Just apply CBD cream if needed, when needed.

How cbd starts to kick in?

When CBD topical cream has been applied on the treated area of the skin, the receptors of the skin begin activation. CBD help regulate the inflammatory process on the applied area.

How long does the effect last?

When such question is applied to CBD Topical Cream subject to very based from person to person. Usually CBD works for up to four hours. Just apply the cream before going to bed and in the morning, this will be the upkeep of healing the irritated or infected area of the skin. 

Does CBD show on my drug test?

Our products contain only CBD with zero THC. CBD is Lab Tested extract from Colorado hemp is (CBD Isolate 99.6%). It is not a drug and won’t show on a drug test. Only THC shows on drug test.

Why buy cbd topical cream online?

 We ship the product the same day or the following depending on the time of the order. Usually package received within 2 – 3 business days after payment received. Please refer to shipping and returns for further explanation. 

We are proud to announce the product which we stand for. Buying cbd topical cream online is simple and fast. This skin healing cream will help your skin get a new fresh start, smile like a sun shine.

Please note: that dosage might vary based on the size and weight, take that into consideration to make sure you choose the proper dosage for you needs and relief.

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1000mg, 2000mg